Loop for Firefox


Convert and combine files to PDF from Firefox


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If you are surfing the web and you find a document you want to save as PDF, now you won't need lots of steps, because thanks to LOOP, it will take you not more than 3 seconds.

Now, by using LOOP for Firefox, you will be able to convert and combine files to PDF just clicking one button. You can upload, combine and convert files to PDF from a really tidy toolbar and it will not disturb your browsing experience.

LOOP for Firefox provides a revolutionary way to document web pages while browsing the Internet.

You can seamlessly document URLs with the click of a button and then download or combine the web pages with other files to a single PDF.

It's really easy and useful, besides, it's free.

Remember that this version does not support Firefox 3, it's just for Firefox 2 or lower.

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